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Home Fast VIP : How to create accounts for Home Fast VIP username and password

Home Fast VIP
  • Unlimited & Fast

Home Fast VIP

Name Home Fast VIP - Unlimited
Package Name com.technore.homefastvip.ovpn3
Publisher GSM Technology
Category Tools
Version 1.0
Size 26.4 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5+
MOD Features Fast & Stable
Link Download Playstore
Rating 4.7 stars

Table of contents

About Home Fast VIP

 Home Fast VIP is a virtual private network service that provides secure and private internet access to its users.

 HOME FAST VIP protects your internet session and helps you access content that is restricted by your ISP. this works because your data is securely transported through our very fast and secure. servers that have unlimited access to the web, which also means that your real IP address is hidden from the web, providing you security and anonymity

 It encrypts internet traffic and masks the user's IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track their online activity or intercept their data.


 This is a PRO version of the original version of Home Fast VIP.

 All functionalities of Home Fast VIP were maintained.

 The PRO version of Home Fast VIP allows one account to be used in many devices

How to use Home Fast VIP for free internet

 Just like other UDP VPNs, a username and password are required to connect these VPNs.

 We have provided enough usernames and passwords for Home Fast VIP

How to connect Home Fast VIP PRO VPN

1. You should have a little data on your simcard for the first time to use Masafi Lite VPN PRO, this helps to load and updare resources.

2. Update resources online manually if not updated automatically

3. Enter the Username and password.

4. Select sever and network tweak.

5. A tweak based on your network would be the best, but this does not limit you from connecting to different tweaks from your network.

Home Fast VIP

Why use Home Fast VIP Fast & Secure

1. Account can be used in many devices

2. No account is used in another device.

3. Improved stability

4. One tap connection

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